Hotel Theme Condo Interior Design Tips
Hotel Theme Condo Interior Design Tips

We have gathered information from designers of the trendiest hotels and they have shared their tips for how to bring a little bit of hospitality to your home.

1) Less is More – Minimalist Design
Cozy hotel rooms only have five to seven pieces of furniture and decor in them. Small rooms can feel intentional, composed, and open by limiting the number of pieces in a room and giving the furniture room to breathe.

2) Artwork
The positioning of art within interiors can be extremely important. Interior designers are constantly using color, light, and form to provoke an emotional response to spaces. Just as a cool white LED light can make a room feel cold, art can make you feel relaxed, invigorated, or even challenged. It can become a focal point, give personality, tell a story, add color and texture, and also stir emotions. How, when, and why we use art in interiors is therefore very important.

3) Add a lounge chair and other comfort items
Adding a chic and comfortable lounge chair and comfort items like textured throw blankets and soft pillows to add style to your bedrooms will undoubtedly make it have that luxurious hotel feel.

4) Use something unique for a structural pop of interest
Go with whatever you desire. Blending modern and traditional design elements and displaying pops of interest make the space so much more interesting and fun to be in. A beautiful space becomes that much more special once personalized.

5) Take advantage of every square footage
As condominium property sizes get smaller and smaller, we know just how vital a space-saving hack can be and no one maximizes spaces better than hotels. Design teams for luxury hotels do it with cleverly-designed furniture that maximizes the rooms’ minimal footprint. Most people live very fluidly, and our homes need to be equally flexible. High-quality foldable furniture in solid wood makes it easy to host friends at a moment’s notice without compromising aesthetics. Other items in the room do double-duty: side tables serve as extra seating when needed, and the beds against the wall can double as sofas, with throw pillows hanging on the adjacent peg wall. Multi-purpose furniture that suits our lives’ sometimes divergent needs is a great solution for small spaces.